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Note (May 2003):  This set of web pages has not been updated in quite a while, and much of the content is likely to be outdated. The pages remain posted here solely for archival purposes. (Exercise caution in clicking on links that appear on these pages. Some of the linked sites have changed ownership, and you could end up in a mousetrapping porn site if you are not careful.)

How to send e-mail that says it comes from your preferred e-mail address:  Some e-mail software will let you specify what address appears in the "From" field in your outgoing mail messages (see these tips for help).  If you can't change the "From" address, then try using a "Reply-to" line.  Another way to send e-mail that appears to come from your preferred address is via a web-based e-mail message form at Mailto.

How to access your existing e-mail account via the web:  Provided your e-mail system is accessible via POP3, you can use any of these services to access the messages in your inbox:  E-MailAnywhere,, Mail Cafe, Mail Gutter, Marzie's WebMail, POP3now, WebPopMail, and WWWMailer.

How to forward your (current) e-mail to a different address:  Many e-mail systems will automatically forward your incoming mail to a different address, but the procedure for doing so varies considerably depending on the systems that you and your e-mail provider use. 

Free mailing list services:  These services let you start and manage your own Internet mailing listsCoollist, FreeLists, Topica, and Yahoo! Groups.

Miscellaneous:  To send an anonymous e-mail message, see The Anonymizer.  To put an interactive feedback form on your web pages, try Response-O-Matic, FormMail.To, or Freedback.  For a free fax number (to receive faxes in your e-mail box), go to eFax, j2, or FaxWave... And for many more free services offered via the web, check out The Free Site.