Free e-mail and web hosting services


If you plan to subscribe to Internet mailing lists -- or if you want an e-mail address that isn't linked to your school or employer -- or if you merely want to be able to change Internet providers without changing your e-mail address, you may want to try out a free e-mail service. If you wish, you can have messages that are sent to your current address automatically forwarded to a different address, or vice versa.

There are also many free and cheap web hosting services, many of which include e-mail forwarding and/or e-mail accounts.

Note that many of the free services will add advertisements to your e-mail messages or web pages (or will send you periodic advertisements by e-mail), and in some cases they will ask you for demographic information when you register.  Some will offer you access to additional features for a fee.  All of them have rules that prohibit spamming.